The beginnings at Wengers Flowers

Posted on July 24, 2014 at 7:10 PM

Years ago (too many to mention) I was hired by Wengers Flowers to work at their flower shop.  It was run by the Wenger family with grandfather Wenger at the helm and then the daughters, Betty and Millie and their husbands and children all part of the business.  they took a chance on hiring me without any experience and took on the task of training me in the floral industry.  Of course, I started at the bottom, cleaning the cooler, preping flowers, working in the greenhouses, wiring and tapeing stems (a lot of them!)  I was a "farm girl" myself being born and raised in Bird In Hand (Amish country) with my father after having played professional baseball, took over the family egg processing business and my then husband was a Holstein dairy cattle the country life was for me.  I felt right at home getting dirty and putting in a good days work...and taping into my creative side!

As I grew in the job, I found that I had a real passion for weddings and was the design employee that was entrusted to set up and deliver the bouquets to the bride and her party and stay until everything was in order.  That, shall I say, was history and I have been working with brides and special events ever since.  There is nothing better than the look on her face when the bride sees her bouquet the day of the wedding!  My job complete!

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