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Wedding Planning Checklist: What to Consider Before Meeting With Your Florist January 19, 2022 Posted by Tulips Floral Design Studio

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Congratulations on your engagement!




A wedding is an exciting, memorable occasion but one that requires thorough and thoughtful planning.


For many engaged couples, acquiring flowers and booking a florist capable of capturing (and executing!) their vision can appear deceivingly simple.


However, the devil (aka budget and logistics) often lurks in the details. So let’s pull the curtain back and...

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Flowers by Wenger's Flowers...our beginnings

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The beginnings at Wengers Flowers

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Years ago (too many to mention) I was hired by Wengers Flowers to work at their flower shop.  It was run by the Wenger family with grandfather Wenger at the helm and then the daughters, Betty and Millie and their husbands and children all part of the business.  they took a chance on hiring me without any experience and took on the task of training me in the floral industry.  Of course, I started at the bottom, cleaning the cooler, preping flowers, working in the greenhouses, wi...

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